Logbook Loan

How to Shop for a Logbook Loan Wisely

Assuming you have exhausted all your options to borrow money, and have decided to finally release the cash from your vehicle, the next thing to do is make sure your loan will not cost you an arm and a leg. Here are some tips on how to find the most competitive logbook loan deal.

Use Comparison Websites

There’s a good reason comparison websites exist – they give you easy access to the most competitive loans in the market without ever having to leave your home. While these websites certainly do earn a commission for every successful deal they close on your behalf, there’s a bigger chance for you to get the best rates through them as compared to applying directly.

Another advantage with using comparison websites is that you can easily find an online logbook loan that is tailored to meet your needs. You don’t need to visit every lender’s brick or mortar store or even their official website. You just have to key in how much you need and the comparison site will do the work for you.

Check the Company’s Reputation

Even if a comparison website already found a lender for you, you may want to be extra cautious by checking the company’s reputation. There are a lot of unbiased review sites out there where you can gain valuable insights from other borrowers. Most of them are very helpful and would warn others about the companies to avoid.

Study the Loan’s Terms

Once you have the right lender in mind, it’s wise to check the terms very carefully. While the APR could be the most important factor in your loan, your decision should not be based solely on it. You may want to consider the duration of the loan, the late payment fees, and early repayment fees. While every borrower thinks they will never default, it’s hard to tell what may happen in the future, so you may actually be thankful for considering lower late payment charges.

Borrow Only What You Need

Bigger loans take longer to pay off, and the longer the loan stands, the more you’ll pay in interest. There’s also the risk of spending the money elsewhere if you borrow more than what you really need.


Even if you think you’ve got a reasonable offer in front of you, it would not hurt to negotiate a bit further. While there’s no guarantee you’ll be given a lower interest rate, many reputable lenders go out of their way to make repayments easy for you, such as allowing early repayments or giving grace periods.

Be Realistic

Lastly, it’s important to remember what you can afford. We will not lie about this part. Logbook loans are expensive, and there’s always the danger to lose your car if you fail to hold on to your end of the bargain. If things are already tough as it is, always consider what you can afford to spend in repayments and set your loan period based on that.


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